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AP 112 sygn. 3: liber baptisatorum (baptism book) - parish Kwieciszewo, years 1784-1809



manuscript, hand-made paper, ink
paper pamphlet binding
dimensions: 33 x 19,5 x 2,1 (cm)
233 pages





Manuscript is very badly damaged. Severe discolouration on all folios has been caused by very intense fungi growth. Whole structure of the paper is weakened. Writing is difficult to read due to surface dirt on the folios, water stains and blurring of the ink. Edges of the folios are very dirty, brown and are flaking. Folios are torn and craked in many areas. Sections are partialy loose due to broken sewing.

The book is very mouldy and it should undergo immediate disinfection. The manuscript should be conserved as soon as possible.





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