Our Archive is a real "house of word treasures": word, which is contained in thousands of pages of documents, letters and books. These are the words, which are delivered to us by the history of Poland, of Europe, of the Church. Very many of our word treasures call for immediate help due to their very bad condition. Can we allow these words to disappear, this history, which is still alive, to become irretrievably silenced?


    It is our intention to initiate soon a campaign "Patronage of the Word Treasures", the aim of which will be to collect funds for restoration of the most damaged relics in our collection. We would like to encourage you: private individuals, firms, institutions, etc. to "adopt" a specific chosen relic of a written text, that requires urgent restoration. It will be possible to finance both the whole restoration process, as well as give partial contribution together with other lovers of books and history. In principle, these relics will undergo the process of restoration in our Archive.


    For larger firms and institutions we are prepared to select a relic, which requires considerable financial expenditure, from outside the Patronage first edition list. All our Patrons will be honoured and their names or names of their institutions will be given for public knowledge.


    The 1st stage has already been done: the first group of old written texts have been selected for restoration and conservator’s expertise (in Polish and English) has been done together with photo documentation and valuation of the restoration work.


    Currently we are working on the 2nd stage: reaching wide circles of people who love culture and introducing to them the idea of "Patronage", which is done on the media and this website.
The 3rd stage, which we are approaching, is the time to collect funds.
The 4th stage will be based on the very restoration of the specific relics.


    We would be most grateful for all your support and for propagating the idea of "Patronage"!




Translation of "Patronage of word treasures", Ewa Wełnic PhD, Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz