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BK Ms 7: Explanatio Evangeliorum - a codex containing the comments to the Gospel, 15th cent., paper



Text: Latin, a two -column Gothic script italics, handwriting
of a few authors, a manuscript written on paper with brown ink,
1 parchment bifolio at the beginning,
Cover: planks, leather
Dimentions: book textblock: 31 x 22 x 9 (cm)
Planks: 32,2 x 22,7 x 0,8 (cm)





The book used to have a secondary binding, with leather preserved from the original binding. The leather was damaged and impaired. The dirt, which was rubbed on the whole surface, has changed the face’s colour, which originally was similar to parchment and changed into sallow and greyish. The manuscript was damaged owing to the use of materials inappropriate to rebinding. Apart from that, the manuscript’s bottom egde is dank and one can notice quite a big lack of leather on the cover. Humidity has brought about damp patch and over half pages’ bottom edge deformation. Parchment pages have been considerably deformed, too. The book textblock had also lost its shape. There is a concavity in the upper part of book’s spine. Also, insects’ past presence is noticeable in the whole book block. Owing to the high level and the type of damage, the script requires immediate conservation.

Conservation cost: over 28.000 zl

The book was put under conservation process in 2012. We received about half of the funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. We have stopped the manuscript’s destruction process and restored its splendor.





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